Transform Your Job Site Safety Process with Mobile Technology

SALOMI is a mobile-ready app that brings efficient workflow processes right from your job sites. SALOMI APP makes it easy to monitor, measure, audit, and review nearly anything related to your safety management system. Be up and running in weeks, and have a complete solution right out of the box.

SALOMI Online, Cloud and mobile applications to speed up inspection time, drive accountability among site staff, and minimize delays and risks with in-depth visual reporting and insights. Safety audits, quality checks, site diaries, conformance reports, punch lists, defects, permits, hazard observations…

At Out2Sol, We aspire to revolutionize the way technology is done by challenging the traditional/conventional system by transforming to digital. We win by adding value in term of quality, speed, and user-friendliness in Safety/Incident Management for big Corporates to achieve ZERO incident rates.